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Who Is Jessica



Hi world! My Name is Jessica Tatiana Araujo, I'm 21, born in Luanda, Angola and raised in London. 

I was the spoiled little girl who would get all that she wanted when she wanted it, but later around the age of eight, I gained a brother and then another one two years later so it weren't just me no more. Seeing my peers and people within my environment, some would say that she has never been through real pain or disappointment. Yes, true, I've never experienced loss nor have I been through madness but I have been through the loss of ones self, the loss of confidence, the loss of beauty and from that I lost myself for years. I never allowed my potential to fully bloom, I would be a "follower" as they would say, when it would be wrong, I'd still do it just to fit in, I didn't have a voice. Coming from an African background and being the eldest comes with pressure, massive pressure! Being the first to do everything, having so many eyes on you, failure wasn't an option. Feeling what I was feeling growing up and and with the pressure from home = destruction. I had to find something to pull me from under the mud, that's when I found the paper and pen. 2018, age 18, I started university, where I study Psychology and from that point on I decided to make a change in my life as I went from being the most confident little girl to the girl in the corner and I stayed stuck there for 10 years, it was now or never!


Today, I am a film director, producer and writer, well upcoming to say the least. After losing my confidence, self-esteem etc, I had a diary and padlock, keeping all my secrets, feelings and crushes. When my parents would tell me off unfairly or if my crush didn't say hi to me, I would write. Today, I have the pleasure turning feelings into art, pain into art. 

In addition to that, being a psychology student allows me to better understand the human mind and behaviour. I want to create a platform that taps into the world of psychology and have people understand that the way we are, has a why and reason.

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